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FG-Q-09 Multifunctional trolley

Model Number:FG-Q-09



Material Quality:


Model: FG-Q-09

Appearance size: 600x365x915MM

Table top: 445x320MM

Table top to ground: 755MM

Drawer inner size: 355x185x95MM

1. The concave surface of ABS material in the entire trolley plays a role in preventing objects from sliding out;

2. PP material integrated push handle, comfortable grip, and labor-saving implementation;

3. The upper and lower countertops are designed with three sided fences, which effectively prevent items from falling;

4. ABS material drawer, with a minimalist sliding groove push pull method;

5. The front and rear limit design of the drawer ensures smooth opening and closing;

6. Equipped with 75MM medical grade anti winding silent casters, PA6 material wheel frame, superior to ten times the same steel structure, without rusting;  50 degree high elastic TPR material tires, non debonding, non stick hair loss; High precision deep groove bearings provide lightweight rotation and accurate steering, creating a natural silent effect. Double brake caster design is more considerate;

7. Assembly structure, easy installation;

8. Customizable multifunctional personalized needs according to medical work needs;

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