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B11 Stainless Steel Instrument Sleeve Cart

Model Number: B11



Material Quality:


Model: B11

Size: Large 1000*600*900mm Medium 820*500*850mm Small 700*470*800mm

1.The square grid preferred stainless steel thickening pipe, pipe wall thickness ≥ 1.0MM. the whole car has a high quality features such as impact resistance, strong load bearing, bright as new.

2. Full welding and burning welding combined with a new welding process, with 304 special wire, so that the square products to achieve not open welding, welding surface smooth and uniform, beautiful and sturdy.

3. Stainless steel 304 plate thickness of 0.81MM, each layer of the following are welded with a support tube. The fence and columns are made of solid stainless steel rods, which are durable.

4. The round corner welding structure design makes the whole body strong and beautiful.

5. The pipe butt part adopts half-arc stamping technology, which is tight and burr-free.

6. Carrying a three-year warranty double brake 3 inch super quiet medical casters, Shore 50 degrees of high elasticity of TPR material wheel rubber, does not come off the glue, does not stick to the falling hair. Industrial nylon wheel frame, better than ten times the steel structure, no rust, no paint removal. High-precision deep groove bearings, turning lightweight, configured with innate ultra-quiet effect;

7. The whole cart is strictly inspected by the quality control department, no need for the user to personally install the caster attachment, open the box can be used.

8. Stainless steel apparatus car packaging using special thickened carton, only for the user can safely and timely receipt of satisfactory goods.

9. We can customize all kinds of surgical sets according to customers' requirements.

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