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B23​​ Stainless Steel Cleaning Trolley

Model Number:B23



Material Quality:





1. Fangge preferred stainless steel thickening pipe, pipe wall thickness ≥1.0mm. With impact resistance, bearing strong, bright, such as new and other high-quality features;

2. Full welding and welding with a new combination of soldering technology, with 304 dedicated wire, so that the grid products are not open welding, uniform welding surface, beautiful and solid;

3. The upper cover is tightly sealed, anti-odor, ABS engineering raw materials injection molding;

Pedal opening and closing advanced buffer design, closed and silent;

4. High-quality cloth bags, blue and yellow two colors differentiated;

5. Pipe Butt parts, using half arc stamping technology, close to the counterpart, no Burr. Pushing position, integrated bending pipe forming, nondestructive strength design;

6. Equipped with the quality of five years of ultra mute medical casters, shore 50 degrees of high elasticity TPR materials, not degumming, Non-stick. Industrial Nylon wheel frame, superior to 10 times times steel structure, no rust, no paint stripping. High-precision deep groove bearings, rotating light, equipped with the innate ultra mute effect;

7. The packing uses the import special thickened carton, only for the user to be able to receive the satisfactory goods safely in time;

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