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B24 Cleaning Trolley

Model Number:B24



Material Quality:


Model: B24

Size: 960*550*800mm


1. Fangge preferred stainless steel thickening pipe, pipe wall thickness ≥1.0mm. With impact resistance, bearing strong, bright, such as new and other high-quality features;

2. Full welding and welding with a new combination of soldering technology, with 304 dedicated wire, so that the grid products are not open welding, uniform welding surface, beautiful and solid;

3. Thick stainless steel plate using high-precision fiber laser cutting process molding, parts docking precision;

4. Thickness of the sheet 0.81MM, table bearing 40KG, three-storey design, the bottom of the table has a support tube to ensure that the table flat bearing;

5. The fence, the upright column uses the solid stainless steel rod to make strong and durable.

6. Pipe Butt parts, using half arc stamping technology, close to the counterpart, no Burr. Pushing position, integrated bending pipe forming, nondestructive strength design;

7. humanized Flip-style canvas pocket design, magic stick open and close, effectively cut off the pollution of clothing, can be easily removed from the whole;

8. Selected Ship-level thickening canvas, fastness to twists and turns, with good wear-resistant performance, highlighting the requirements of the details of the square;

9. Enjoy the whole trolley warranty three years, to provide users with intimate after-sales service;

10. Equipped with the quality of five years of ultra mute medical casters, shore 50 degrees of high elasticity TPR materials, not degumming, Non-stick. Industrial Nylon wheel frame, superior to 10 times times steel structure, no rust, no paint stripping. High-precision deep groove bearings, rotating light, equipped with the innate ultra mute effect;

11. The packing uses the import special thickened carton, only for the user to be able to receive the satisfactory goods safely in time;

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