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For a better user experience
Product Excellence

All products are designed to ensure excellent performance in terms of quality, user experience and total safety for patients and operators.

Nnovative Research And Development

Innovative solutions to define the next generation of equipment and integrated systems for healthcare facilities. Certified and sustainable state-of-the-art production technologies.

Design Identifiability

We offer a product that stands out for its aesthetic value. Design intended as a perfect synthesis of form and function.

The value of quality

At Fangge, quality has extremely important value, measured by our contribution to people's well-being. Designing medical care solutions first means translating this value into reality by creating solutions that are suitable for patients and operators' actual needs and provide real benefits.

In order to achieve this goal, each of our products contains a series of tangible and intangible features, which collectively define the high quality and value of the product and demonstrate its noble position in the market.From research to design, from material selection to technological innovation in implementation, from production processes to customer service, every factor plays an important role in determining the quality of Fangge products. In addition, we can also add intangible additional features based on our company's philosophy, which comes from our in-depth understanding of the needs of operators and patients, and is also the crystallization of more than ten years of experience in this field. This additional feature brings together efficiency, reliability, customer care, and most importantly, a true understanding of people. This is the value we give to quality and all our products and solutions.

This definition no longer means simply meeting the needs of our product's end users; This means having a tangible and positive impact on the lives and well-being of all those who interact with our products every day. Only in this way can quality become true value and truly serve to improve people's lives.

We design and manufacture product solutions because they benefit the work of healthcare workers and the health of patients.We hope that their user experience will always be pleasant and promote positive emotions. Therefore, we are busy every day so that our creations are of high quality, ergonomic, sturdy, safe, and durable.

Medical workers are the users of our products and the fulcrum of our design process. In fact, continuous and practical exposure to the reality of medical care enables us to have a first-hand understanding of the dynamics and key aspects of medical care, and effectively determine our research and development efforts to address these issues. After the design is completed, the next steps are the most advanced production technology, a series of rigorous testing at all production stages, and a complete quality certification system. This enables us to provide medical product solutions that are considered reference by the industry in terms of quality, design, functionality, performance, and efficiency.

After a comprehensive evaluation of usability, innovation, technological maturity, cost, as well as humanization, emotionality, and other dimensions, the best innovation has been achieved. This includes the NIMBLE infusion system, INGENIOUS separation system, and LINKAGE drawer system in the product, which are highly appreciated by the industry.

Innovative research
Safety of patients and operators

Infection control and overall safety are our top priorities.

Fangge has been developing healthier, safer, and more sustainable medical trolley products, and DEFEND antibacterial tabletop medical trolley products have emerged as the times require. The antibacterial technology of DEFEND countertops is not a coating. It strictly mixes the new generation of antibacterial agents in a certain proportion into the original ABS masterbatch particles, and then injects them into molding. Even with scratches and wear, the antibacterial function remains unaffected, inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and minimizing the spread of medical related infections.

According to authoritative testing institutions, the 24-hour antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus has reached 99.9%, minimizing the spread of medical related infections.