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To become a global leader in the medical trolley industry

One person, one home, one Earth—guardians of our shared beautiful home. Fangge has an unwavering responsibility to protect the ecological environment and build a green home, considering it a fundamental social duty. We are dedicated to achieving a balance between economic growth, social development, and environmental protection. Throughout the entire value chain of product research and development, production, service, and recycling, Fangge collaborates with users and suppliers. Through the development of innovative technologies, optimization of resource utilization, and advocacy for green environmental protection, we work together to drive sustainable development in the socio-economic sphere.


Fangge's grand health philosophy: with a more mature and steady pace, Fangge takes on responsibility towards users and society, making a meaningful contribution to human health. Fangge views life and health as its primary social responsibility. Through innovative products, Fangge fundamentally addresses user experience, allowing users to effortlessly use high-end medical trolleys. This supports the development of the medical talent pool and elevates the level of medical services, constructing a green and healthy medical ecosystem.


Under the "Diverse Coexistence" concept, the core of Fangge's value lies in "Mutual Benefit and Value Sharing." Employees, customers, suppliers, professionals in the medical field, and interdisciplinary talents collectively form the foundation of Fangge's business development and the basis for the organic development of society as a whole. By caring for employees, empowering customers, nurturing talents, and sharing innovative competitive advantages with suppliers, Fangge actively builds a healthy and beautiful social ecosystem. The company perseveres in embodying these principles, striving for continuous improvement in work, life, and quality of life.