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China Shandong Fangge Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company providing solutions and services for medical trolleys worldwide. The company committed to providing quality medical services to patients and promoting the care of the world through innovative and superior products and user-friendly user experience. Founded in 2008,  The product family covered more than 200 varieties of hospital information trolleys, ABS medical trolleys, stainless steel medical trolleys, and medical cabinets and sold throughout the nationwide, exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other countries.

Fangge has maintained its advantages in the field of medical care equipment and has continued to innovate and expand its business into medical wards, operating rooms, supply rooms, and outpatient clinics. At the same time, Fangge also vigorously expands the seamless connection of smart medical care and builds the interconnection and interconnection of hospital information terminals. Fangge pursues both internal and external repairs, incorporating functional, aesthetic and innovative technologies into every detail of the manufacturing process. With the spirit of perfectionist craftsmanship, the values of the ultimate experience are given to the heart of the product, creating a new era of medical care.

In the future, Fangge will take responsibility for users and society at a more mature and steady pace, and make contributions to human health.

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  • 100,000 Devices annually+

    Production capability

  • 15,000 m2+

    Working area

More than a decade ago, we founded Fangge with passion and commitment to the healthcare industry. As a research and development and manufacturing company for high-end medical trolleys, we have always been committed to providing excellent products and solutions for medical personnel to assist them in providing better medical services to patients.

Fangge continuously promotes the development of medical and nursing products with a relentless spirit of innovation. Our products not only focus on quality, but also incorporate innovative elements and humanized design, aiming to simplify daily nursing work, improve work efficiency, and make medical staff more focused on patient care and care.

We are well aware that healthcare is a responsible and challenging business, and we understand that every healthcare worker is striving for the health of patients. Our mission is to use advanced medical trolleys to help them more calmly respond to various challenges in the healthcare environment.

Thank you for choosing Fangge and working with us to build a healthier and more humane medical environment.

General manager Fushan Xu