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FG-Q-02 ABS Instrument Trolley

Model Number:FG-Q-02



Material Quality:


Model: FG-Q-02

Size: 580*380*820mm


1. ABS material concave table surface to prevent the item from slipping out, using Taiwan Chi Mei ABS granule pure material injection molding, has a delicate skin-like touch;

2. Aviation all-aluminum body; the column adopts curved double T-shaped design, with large carrying capacity; the coating adopts Akzo Nobel environmentally friendly  powder, which has strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and wear resistance;

3. Innovative fence design, stainless steel round tube cleverly matched with plastic parts,  three-sided protection can effectively prevent items from falling;

4. The whole trolley adopts the innovative structure of ABS+ aviation all-aluminum body, and more durable anti-rust innovation technology;

5. New trolley assembly architecture, innovative solderless design;

6.Three-story table design to increase the available space.

7. Equipped with medical grade anti-winding mute caster, PA6 material wheel frame,better than ten times steel structure with the same product, no rust; Shoal 50 degree high elasticity TPR material tire, no degumming, non-sticking hair; high precision deep The groove bearing is light and easy to turn, creating a congenital mute effect. The double brake caster design is more intimate;

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