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B25 Emergency Trolley

Model Number:B25



Material Quality:


Model: B25         
Size: 800*600*920mm

Net Weight: 10KG               
Gross weight: 15KG


1. Fangge preferred stainless steel thickening pipe, pipe wall thickness ≥1.0mm. With shock, bearing strong, bright, such as new and other high-quality features.

2. Full welding technology, with 304 dedicated wire, so that the products do not open welding, uniform welding surface, beautiful and solid.

3. Pipe butt parts, using half arc stamping technology, close to the counterpart, no Burr. Pushing position, integrated bending pipe forming, nondestructive strength design.

4. The product selected ship-level thickening canvas, fastness to twists and turns, with good wear-resistant performance.

5. The product packaging using a special thickening carton, only for users to be safe and timely receipt of satisfactory goods.Stainless Steel Dirt Car Application scope: Hospital supply Room, Ward, operating room, laundry room.

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