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A01 Transparent Hospital Bassinet

Model Number:A01



Material Quality:


Model: A01

Size: 850*500*800/950mm


1. It is made of ABS engineering plastic pure material, which is excellent in impact resistance and chemical resistance;

2. The flexible design of the whole trolley streamline highlights the warm and comfortable room environment;

3. Baby pots use imported food grade pp environmental protection materials;

4. Incorporate the color recognition structure and use the eye-catching red handle to control the use of the adjustment function;

5. Baby basin ventilation design, air circulation diversion trough and straight through hole;

6. Configure a waterproof sponge pad. Easy to clean and comfortable;

7. Aviation high-strength aluminum alloy material column, with high-quality electrostatic spray technology;

8. The general-purpose ABS pusher in the left and right direction, taking into account the anti-collision function of the whole trolley;

9. Smooth pneumatic lifting system, including precision ball-dropping stroke, high-quality cylinder to ensure lifting safety, 800/950MM height position can be adjusted to facilitate mother-child communication;

10. Anti-pitting milk micro-tilt control, the aerodynamic structure 0-12 ° angle can be adjusted to prevent vomiting after the baby eats;

11. Double-sided medical silent casters, double brakes. 

12. Three colors are available: cute pink, lively green, pure blue;

13. The maximum carrying capacity is 25 kg;

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