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D01 Instrument Cabinet

Model Number:D01



Material Quality:


Model: D01



1. Full welding and spot welding combined with a new welding process, with 304 special welding wire, so that the 

2. Fangge products can not be welded, the welding surface is smooth and uniform, beautiful and sturdy;

3. All stainless steel instrument cabinets use high-quality plates with an actual thickness of 0.81MM stainless steel.

4. The stainless steel instrument cabinet is designed to open the door for easy access to the equipment.

5. Select the cart environmentally-friendly thickened three-mouth rubber strip to stabilize the safety of the glass.

6. 3c Quality and safety certified tempered glass, to ensure that the transportation does not crack, not broken.

7. 5 spacers can be placed on the instrument package with ribs under the partition.

8. Häfele German brand control lock, safe and convenient sterile device management.

9. Customization size available according to customer reques.

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