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FG-V-01 Crash Trolley

Model Number:FG-V-01



Material Quality:


Model: FG-V-01

Appearance size:710×480×1000MM

Size of operating table top:620×420MM

Shallow center drawer core size:533×360×90MM

Deep drawer core size:533×360×155MM

Shallow drawer face size:580×110MM

Medium drawer face size:580×155MM

Deep drawer size: 580×200MM

Height of countertop from the ground: 952MM


1.Defend antimicrobial upper countertop adopts a new generation of micron-level physical antimicrobial technology, which is evenly mixed with ABS masterbatch to achieve long-lasting antimicrobial protection, environmental protection, safety and health;

2. The upper and lower countertops are made of ABS engineering virgin plastic injection molding, and the upper countertop is equipped with one-sided frosted 1.5MM thickness soft glass to prevent items from sliding on the countertop;

3. Pusher fence integrated countertop design, three sides of the fence, effectively prevent items from falling;

4. the whole car on both sides of the back of the aluminum composite material, strong and flat, smooth surface, high weather resistance, up and down are reinforced with aluminum profile clamping bar, has a good support and impact resistance, easy maintenance and cleaning;

5. Aluminum alloy body column, high load capacity, using M12 core to connect the table, to achieve the whole car is stable and not deformed, high strength;

6. Innovative non-welded joints full screw process, so that the whole car structure layout is compact, durable and long-lasting;

7. five drawer design, three shallow drawer face height 110MM, a middle drawer face height 155MM, a deep drawer face height 200MM, each drawer is equipped with label identification frame;

8. the drawer core adopts independent design double-layer aluminum frame, no angle hollow thickening, inlaid with 4MM aluminum composite material bottom plate, covered with environmental protection PEVA material non-slip mat;

9. standard Ingenious architecture drawer separation system, based on the modular combination of nine-grid layout model, three-section separation of infinitely spaced, shallow drawer spacing height of 60MM, deep drawer spacing height of 100MM, rail-type adjustment of the vertical and horizontal direction, to release more application space.

10.National patent one-time center control locking design, gently rotate between the five drawers can be locked, special fishbone locking design, unlocked drawers can be pushed together to lock; (can be equipped with key locks, password locks, fingerprint locks)

11. With 1.2/1.2/1.5MM thickened three sections of mute buffer slide system, integrated self-closing damping module, smooth opening and closing, effective bearing 15KG;

12. The back of the body is equipped with ABS cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) board, power socket and oxygen cylinder bracket;

13. The right side is equipped with a hanging ABS file box 330MM×40MM×300MM, placing documents more convenient;

14. The left side is equipped with a hanging ABS storage box with a free separation insert in the center, and a flip-top double trash can underneath, which can be easily removed;

15. Stainless steel fastening infusion bracket, four stainless steel hooks;

16. Fastened rotating ABS tray with snap-on restraining straps to secure the tray equipment;

17. The left side with a pull-out sub-table, 350 × 280MM groove design, extending the use of the table area;

18. National patent 360 ° flexible anti-collision energy absorption design, when an external impact occurs, the impact is absorbed through the high elastic shock absorption wear-resistant materials, decomposition and dissipation, so that the body to maintain stability and safety;

19. Equipped with medical grade 100MM double sided casters, good noise and shock absorption design, flexible steering direction accuracy, straight line implementation of smooth, each bearing 50KG, never rust. Easy to manipulate the double brake configuration, easy to realize the brake open and close, the smooth surface of the wheel can prevent dust adsorption and easy to clean;

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