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B07S Infusion Trolley

Model Number:B07S



Material Quality:


Model: B07S

Size: 650*450*800MM/1200MM

1.FangGe preferably thickened stainless steel pipe, tube wall thickness ≥ 1.0MM. the whole trolley with impact resistance, strong load-bearing, bright as new and other quality features.

2. Full welding and burning a combination of new welding technology, with 304 special welding wire, so that the square products to achieve no welding, welding surface smooth and uniform, beautiful and sturdy.

3. Plate thickness 0.81MM, table surface load capacity 40KG, double-layer design, each layer are welded below the support tube, three sides of the guardrail.

ABS free mode insert, maximum 20 spaces can be spaced.

5. Two blue 360-degree rotating dirt bucket, convenient storage, when not in use can be taken off.

6. Powerful NIMBLE system to support the stainless steel infusion rack lift the whole row of increase or decrease, ABS infusion hook according to the use of the situation can be increased or decreased, and there is a logo card slot for easy identification.

7. Drawer selection of high-strength national standard three-section silent slide, smooth pushing and pulling, quiet, no noise, large carrying capacity.

8. Equipped with a five-year warranty of ultra-quiet medical casters, Shore 50 degrees of high elasticity TPR material wheel rubber, no degumming, no sticky hair fall. Industrial nylon wheel frame, better than ten times the steel structure, no rust, no paint stripping. High-precision deep groove bearings, light rotation, configured with an innate ultra-quiet effect.

9. The whole trolley is strictly inspected by the quality control department, no need for the user to personally install the castor attachment, open the packing box and you can use it.

10. Stainless steel infusion cart packaging using special thickened carton, only for the user can safely and timely receive the satisfactory goods.


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