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FG-D-01 Medical Record Trolley

Model Number:FG-D-01



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Recommended: ABS Medical Record


1.The Defend antimicrobial countertop utilizes a new generation of micrometer-scale physical antimicrobial technology, uniformly mixed with ABS resin, to achieve lasting antimicrobial protection that is safe and healthy. The concave countertop design, paired with single-sided frosted 1.5mm thick tempered glass, provides dual protection against items slipping off the countertop. The entire countertop, drawers, and medicine box are molded using environmentally friendly ABS raw materials.

2. ABS countertop board is equipped with 12.7# stainless steel fence, which is exquisite and beautiful, and does not touch the fingerprint;

3. The column adopts semi-arc impact double T-slot aluminum alloy profiles, which has a large carrying capacity. The stainless steel screw rod is used to connect the table top to achieve stable and non-deformation of the whole vehicle. High strength, wear and corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and exquisite;

4. The side panel back panel is designed with unique honeycomb bionic aluminum profile, the car body is lighter and the color is light and beautiful;

5. ABS medical record car has anti-collision measures, which protects the car body more safely, and the mold is molded once and is exquisite and beautiful;

6. The drawer is made of heavy-duty 1.2/1.2/1.5MM thick three-section silent rail.

7. The aluminum frame of the drawer is beautiful and does not rust.

8. Free mode inserting pill box, the maximum space is 20 compartments, the whole pill box can be easily taken out;

9. With a security lock to ensure the medical records are safe.

10. ABS medical record holder, can hold 40 medical record holders;

11. Equipped with ultra-quiet medical casters with five-year warranty, Shoal's 50-degree high-elastic TPR material, without degumming and non-sticking. Industrial nylon wheel frame, better than ten times steel structure, no rust, no paint stripping. High-precision deep groove bearing, which is light and easy to rotate, and has an innate ultra-quiet effect;

12. This trolley style can be customized according to customer requirements for a variety of double-row medical record clips.

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